Early this summer I walked to my bus stop at UC Riverside for the last time. It was the end of my last day of regular classes at college and it ended quietly, without any fanfare or triumph, and was really rather bittersweet. After years of acclimating to the classroom I was leaving and while I was certainly relieved I was not finished.

As I finished school at an older age than the typical graduate the Lord began to show me a need to enter college and young adult ministry in order to prepare students for what they will face in the secular classroom and to integrate them into a church where they will have the opportunity to grow through service and through being discipled by more mature believers. One’s young adult years are a crucial transition in which one must navigate everything from finances to faith and futures from new angles.

This blog is to serve as a resource for those who find themselves confused, questioning, seeking, or stagnating and who need to delve into the deeper meanings of things . . . or who just need a good recipe involving ramen noodles.

Stop by often. New posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Andrew Lacasse


Author: Andrew Lacasse

I am a pastor in Southern California. My passion is to help both the convinced and the curious see Christ from an angle their mind can respect and their soul can accept.

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