I am the Truth

As humans we naturally seek the truth. Even those who believe that there is not truth sought for truth in that statement. We cannot help it; we must know.

The academic world has sought to remove all truth and meaning from life. Even those who cling to believing in objective truth usually believe in some disembodied cosmic Truth defined by nothing and established by no one. No wonder many find cause to believe that truth can change: nobody is monitoring it. This kind of truth is dark and impersonal, with no one to trust and no one to hold us accountable when we stray.

Humans have an inherent need for connection with others. We know that people cannot function in isolation: we need relationship. We may search for true statements but even success here never leads us to a personal relationship. One cannot have a relationship with impersonal Truth. One cannot have a solid relationship with anyone if there is no truth – for what would you discuss and how could you trust them?

We want to know the truth and we want to know the way. We cannot seem to breathe within a life characterized by uncertainty, it is no life at all. That is why Jesus’ statement that He is the way and the truth and the life (John 14:6) may not be so offensive after all. I need a person to follow, to believe in, and to make my life new. This is why C.S. Lewis wrote in Surprised By Joy: “I thought I was coming to a place; I did not know I was coming to a person.”

May those who pursue something in which to believe find the only one in whom we can have faith.


Author: Andrew Lacasse

I am a pastor in Southern California. My passion is to help both the convinced and the curious see Christ from an angle their mind can respect and their soul can accept.

4 thoughts on “I am the Truth”

  1. I do not know who said this but I am 99% sure the quote is correct. Adam says it’s redundant, here it is. “Truth, There is no way to know Truth is, unless you know what Truth is, and you can’t know what Truth is, unless there is a Truth that you can know.” Maybe you know who said it or you’ve heard it, any way that’s my 2 cents for the day. God bless.


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